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Competitive Registration Anchor


Youth ages 12 through 14 are eligible for the Competitive program. 

These ages are determined by the players age during the year that the next Spring soccer season takes place. 

This chart shows current program eligibility by birth year. 

Please Note:  The creation of competitive teams for ages 11 and 12 is contingent upon player availability and desire among the Academy Program participants.  All players within these ages who'd like to play competitive soccer should register through the Academy Program. Should there be enough interest to create competitive teams for this age range, additional costs will be collected from those players who end up playing competitive soccer.​


The Competitive program is the next step for Academy players seeking to continue their competitive soccer journey beyond the age of eleven.  Please note that the creation of competitive teams for ages 11 and 12  is contingent upon player availability and desire among the Academy Program participants.  The Competitive program continues to focus on developmental aspects of soccer, but by nature has a greater emphasis on strategies and winning and has increased travel and fees.

Competitive soccer is a league in which travel is required.  The travel will range across the state on any given weekend.  Laurel Storm will host several games throughout the season.  The competition experience of scheduled teams is more advanced and is broken into two primary classifications: Classic and Premier.  Competitive play requires a higher level of commitment from coaches, players, and parents.  Financial obligations including additional uniform requirements and additional coaching fees may apply. 

Coed Play

In the event Coed teams are formed, the teams must play in the boys divisions. It is our intent to avoid formation of Coed teams, however, this can only be avoided by registration of individual gender specific players.  If we are unable to register enough gender specific athletes, the club either has to form coed teams or accept that certain gender and age specific groups may not have teams to play on. 


Fall season generally begins Labor Day and ends around October’s end..


To be determined.


The Competitive Program plays both home and away games across Montana, and traditionally attends tournaments located in Montana and Northern Wyoming (i.e. Cody and Sheridan).


Financial Aid - If you need financial aid, download an application, fill it out and send it in immediately so that your player can be qualified.


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