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2019 Spring Competitive and Academy Uniforms & Fan Gear Dynamic Designs is Ready to Take Your Or

The on-line website to order your young athletes Competitive and Academy Uniforms is now open!! ..

Uniforms can be purchased online or in person at Dynamic Designs. Even when purchasing at the store, they will have a computer set up there for you to run the order through this website. The website also includes any fan gear you may want to order. Uniforms will need to be ordered prior to March 13th in order to guarantee you will have them for the first weekend of games. Numbers have been assigned to players through the club. Dynamic Designs has samples of all the sizes on-hand at the store, if you would like to take your player in and try them on.

Please click this link to order

A few reminders and notes.

  • This is our second season using this uniform style, so if you ordered last year and the uniform is still in good shape, you are good to go. Next year (2020) will be a complete new uniform order year.

  • Academy U11 and U12 players will need both grey and purple uniforms for the 2019 Season.

  • Uniform orders must be placed by March 13 TO guarantee you receive your uniform by April 1st.

  • After March 13th uniform pricing will go up.

Also please note the players signed up for our new Pre-Academy Program will not order from this website. Instead, team coaches will place the orders as a group.

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